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Coverlon Safety Covers

Coverlon safety covers are simply the best in the industry. The quality of materials, workmanship and multitude of options available ensure you’ll get a beautiful pool cover that provides safety and peace of mind for years to come. Talk to your pool dealer to figure out which type of Coverlon cover is right for you and your pool.


Double Webbing- The Coverlon cover was the first safety cover to feature double webbing! The black straps that criss-cross the cover (webbing) are stitched on both the top and under side of the cover greatly increasing its strength. The competition will only sew webbing 18” in on the underside of their cover, which greatly reduces the strength! The webbing is fabricated to have a tensile strength of approximately 4,000 pounds per square inch, making the cover super strong and safe.

Stitching – The webbing for the entire cover is sewn on with triple stitched bonded threads. Around the perimeter, all intersections have an additional “X” and box stitch sewn for extra strength.

Quick Installation Springs & Hardware – Our “trampoline style” cover is locked down by our unique spring and anchor system. Our heavy-duty stainless steel spring, with its custom designed “easy adjust” integrated buckle enables quick installation and adjustment of the cover in a fraction of the time.

When you compare our standard spring to a competitors’ standard spring you will be shocked at the difference in the quality. Our, made in the USA, spring is twice as strong as our competitor’s! In addition, it has specially designed bend(s) at each end. The bends ensure there are no gaps between the pool and the decking, keeping wind from blowing debris under the cover. All springs come with a plastic cover to protect the pool deck from abrasion.

Anchors – Our anchors are made from non-corrosive brass. When not in use, the anchors recess flush with the pool deck and are barely noticeable. We have an anchoring system for any type of decking, masonry, wood, pavers, etc.

End Caps- The end cap is made of brass, anodized black to prevent corrosion. The cap is crimped on by machine to stop the webbing from unraveling. Some of the other companies use a cheap aluminium substitute and some companies just leave an unfinished hot knife cut.

Complete Package – All pool covers come with a convenient storage bag, installation instructions, warranty and cover care guide. Also included are the installation hardware pieces i.e. heavy-duty installation tool, tamping tool, spring covers and allen key.

Installed properly, children or pets cannot fall or accidentally slip into the pool. Debris, like leaves and/or twigs would not be able to drop into your clean winterized pool. The Coverlon Cover is also tamper proof; requiring a special installation tool to remove or install the cover. All in all, the purchase of a safety cover will enhance the safety of your pool area while the cover is in use.