Affordable Pool Service

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1Regular Service Provides The Following

Brushing or vacuuming of walls and tile; emptying of pump and skimmer strainers; routine maintenance of filter as needed; testing and adjusting chemicals. Chlorine, acid and diatomaceous earth are included in the service price. Other chemicals are added as needed and are in addition to the service price.
The initial cleanup, repairs and special cleaning of tile may be charged extra as time and materials.

2We Need Your Assistance With The Following

Keeping water level maintained. We are not responsible for adding water to the pool (If you supply a water timer device, you may request your route person turn it on for you.)

3Charge For Conditioner And Deep Cleaning Of Filter

Conditioner is added to the pool water throughout the year as needed. Filter is cleaned (backwashed-hosed off) as needed during the year. However, the filter is deep cleaned at least once per year, for which there is an additional charge and will be noted on the bill for the month it is done.

When You Need A Repair

If your pool needs work beyond the abilities of the pool service person, we will alert you by note, phone call or personal contact for your authorization

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Holiday Schedule

Holidays and emergency conditions may cause your service day to temporarily change.

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Pool Opening

Remove Cover, Wash & Folded for Storage.
Remove Debris & Wash Deck Around Pool.

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Weekly & Bi-Weekly Service

Clean swimmer and pump baskets.
Clean pool cleaner bag.

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Safety Winter Covers

Custom Made Covers.
Mesh or Solid Materials

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Pool System Installations

Motors & Pumps.
Heaters & Heat Pumps

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Liner Replacements

Custom Made Liners
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Winter Watch Service

Check cover & water level in pool.
Check pool chemistry and add chemicals at extra charge.

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